Volleyball Clubs

Club Volleyball is just that. A club.

Just like any other club, you pay dues to be involved with others who share your interest and passion in something you love. In this case it just happens to be Volleyball.

The first thing to know about club volleyball is that it is the most expensive way to be involved with volleyball. You can spend anywhere from $500 – $2500 depending on what kind of experience you would like to have.  Families who feel that a college volleyball scholarship is their goal, almost always are involved with a club volleyball team. Others, who have the financial means and want to be involved in volleyball year round, also choose to play club. There are a few clubs to choose from in Utah Valley. Below are listed websites so you can check them out yourself.

Some things to keep in mind.

  • Club teams hold tryouts. Most of the time this does not mean that you won’t make a team – but they will use the tryouts to place your child on the right team/skill level. However, tryouts DO NOT guarentee a spot on the team.
  • You must pay a tryout fee. Non-refundable.
  • You must join a national volleyball association that the club is involved with. For example: AAU (Amateur Athletic Union http://www.aauvolleyball.org/). These are usually a one year membership. Dues are typically $20 – $25 per year.
  • These national associations determine rules of play, tournaments, coaching clinics and opportunities for athletes to play all over the country. If you are concerned about what association the club is sanctioned by, make sure you ask.
  • Most club teams in Utah valley try out at the same time and day for the same age group. Do your research and choose a club that meets your needs – you probably won’t have time to try out for multiple teams.
  • Fees usually can be paid in increments – most clubs have a payment plan. Some clubs may offer fundraising opportunities to offset the costs.
  • Club teams typically have 2-3 kinds of teams (although differing names). One team stays local for games/tournaments, the other team(s) travel out of state. Travelling teams are required to play on Sundays.
  • Club teams typically cater to ages 12-17, but may offer teams or one time clinics for younger players.
  • The Intermountain Volleyball Association offers a great article called “What to ask when choosing a Volleyball Club”, to view it visit the website at http://imvolleyball.org/clubs/sanctioned-clubs/

Utah Valley Volleyball Clubs (alphabetical)

Aces Athleticshttp://acesathletics.com/volleyball/ (practices in American Fork) Offers boys and girls club teams. Home of the ‘Utah Elite Volleyball Club’

Club Utahhttp://www.clubutahvb.com/   (practices in Lehi area)

Dig It!http://digitutah.com/ (practices in Provo area)

Utah Viperhttp://www.utahviper.org/ (practices in Provo area)

Victoryhttp://www.timpview.provo.edu/athletics/volleyball/victory-club-volleyball/ (for Timpview High and feeder schools only – Provo)

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